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We are a burlesque troupe based in South Bend, Indiana who specialize in the classic burlesque style with a unique, modern twist.

Made up of all genders, sizes, races, and levels of sanity... we take beautiful to a new level. Just as there is a shoe for every foot, there's a Doll for every taste. It's guaranteed you'll like what you see.

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Offering a new kind of

The disDress Dolls

Tired of the norm? We offer a show that enthralls and excites. Never trashy, always classy, we are the new sexy.


Not only are our entertainers easy on the eyes, but we'll make you belly laugh. A fluid mix of sexy and funny, we entertain on multiple levels.


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Do you want to be a member of The disDress Dolls?

We hold auditions for the troupe every Spring. Keep an eye on our site, Facebook, and Twitter for announcements. Just can't wait that long? Request a solo audition and show us what you're made of.

Are you ready to "wow" your audience? Whether it's a festival, fair,  party, or business retreat, what ever your event is we are here to make it special. We'll customize our show to include the details you want so no one will forget that night you booked The disDress Dolls.

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Titillating and sensational, we offer high quality entertainment for the after dark crowd.